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“Inclusion in the Digital Revolution” will enable 12 filmmakers with learning disabilities and autism to receive specialist training in producing films for online exhibition and distribution and how to take advantage of audiences’ rapid shifts to online platforms to watch and engage with content.  


 1.    About Us

Beacon Hill Arts CIC is a multi-award winning organisation that supports filmmakers and artists with learning disabilities, autism and additional needs to create and exhibit outstanding work. We believe that people with learning disabilities and additional needs have an equal right to develop their creative talents as those without. We believe that with appropriate support, our artists can use their unique and entertaining creativity not only to develop valuable skills for life and employment, but to also dismantle stereotypes and misconceptions of disability by reaching global audiences with their amazing work. Explore our work by using the links above.

2.    Overview of Project

Filmmakers with learning difficulties and autism have a huge amount to offer audiences with their unique way of interpreting the world, however the conventional film and television industry can be a very inaccessible place for someone with a disability living in North East England.

We believe an exciting solution to this lies in the increasing democratisation of the film industry – the increase in self-shooters making shorts for clients or themselves with the support of their local networks – and finding their own pathways to online audiences. This isn’t just about “inclusion” in the film industry – it is about supporting the creative leadership of learning disabled and autistic talent through the online revolution

As viewing figures for YouTube sensation “Zoella” dwarfs E4’s entire original online output, as 16-24s are now more likely to watch a film on a mobile device than on television, we want to find out: what opportunities does this increasing migration of film to online platforms offer filmmakers with learning disabilities and autism? 

3.    Who are we looking for?

We are looking for a co-facilitator to work alongside Andrew Coats, our Creative Director, to deliver the programme. Your role will be Digital Marketing Mentor with a focus on online film/video. Please note, it is NOT necessary for you to be a filmmaker. It is rather your online video/content marketing experience and knowledge that we wish to connect with:

·         You will be someone with considerable knowledge about the potential of video in the online space.

·         You will intimately understand the pro and cons; ins and outs of the varying platforms such as YouTube, Facebook Video, Instagram, Periscope, Vimeo etc.

·         You will have a good understanding of how content platforms connect with revenue generation such as commissioned work, crowd funding, Patreon and via advertising.

·         You will understand how online video – on whatever platform – can identify, reach, engage, interact with and retain an audience.

·         You will understand how all the above elements interconnect and integrate – particularly with social media

The precise nature of how you are involved, and the number of sessions you are engaged with is negotiable. In the first instance our priority is to identify the right person.

4.    Your Role

In the first instance we are wanting to find the right individual, with the necessary expert knowledge. Therefore, the precise nature and scale of your role is negotiable.                                                                                                            

We envisage it will involve:

·         Providing group members with rounded view of the landscape of film production for online by linking the themes and information covered throughout the sessions

·         Supporting the group to identify two mentors to deliver sessions specifically in content creation, for example a successful vlogger, a viral video producer etc.

·         Supporting the group to devise and produce their own assignment (i.e vlog, short film, review) including in how to showcase that work and reach an audience.

·         Support the group in their creation of a ‘How To’ guide, a consolidation of all their learning which they will share with other filmmakers with learning disabilities and autism across the UK.

NB: For information, one of the sessions will be an E-Safety session delivered by an appropriate mentor, covering how to stay safe online.

 5.    Project Structure

The project is structured as follows:

·         4 days – Mentoring, Research and Development (Jan-Feb 2016)

Researching online platforms; how to develop content, identify appropriate channels to showcase that content, connect with audiences, and E-Safety.

·         4 days – Individual / Group Assignment (Mar-Apr 2016)

Four further sessions will enable the group to apply their learning during the research and development phase to their own project; this could include the creation of a vlog, short film, product review or other piece decided by the individual. This assignment will take place both in formal sessions and in the group members’ own time.

·         2 days – Creation of “How to” Guide (May 2016)

Towards the end of the project, the group will share their learning with other filmmakers with learning disabilities and autism across the UK through the creation of a ‘How To’ guide

·         3 drop in sessions (June-Aug 2016)

…to offer ongoing support for ongoing projects.

6.    To find out more / apply

In the first instance please call/ email to discuss. Contact Michelle Fox or Will Sadler by calling 0191 580 7000 or email /

Then to apply, in the first instance please send a short email to Michelle or Will outlining in a couple of paragraphs what excites you about this role and what you think you could bring to it. Please attach a CV to your email.

The deadline for applications is Wednesday 16 January 2017

The available fee is up to £2500.00 (incl VAT where applicable).