Dr Lava - An Interactive Adventure!

Join our intrepid explorer Dr Lava and his quest to find the secret Chocolate Volcano!

Welcome to the Interactive Adventure "Dr Lava"! Please note the film must be viewed on a computer or laptop rather than a mobile device. 

As a live event "Dr Lava: An Interactive Adventure" is presented by the filmmakers and actors who feature in this film. They will guide the audience through decision-making at each fork in the road of our story!  If you are interested in hosting the Festival Premiere of this exciting experience, please get in touch!

Heartwarming, inventive and genuinely funny. A totally positive way of tapping into the creative thought processes of talented people who too often find themselves deprived of this kind of opportunity. A joy, and a real achievement for all involved.
— BBC6 Radio Presenter Mark Radcliffe
Boldly goes where others fear to tread. You’ll watch it with a smile on your face!
— Film Director, Ken Loach
Funny, bold and charming!
— Comedian Bob Mortimer (Shooting Stars)
Ever wonder what happened to charm and ingenuity? Beacon Hill Arts nicked it all and stuffed it into their shorts!
— Comedian Adam Buxton (The Adam and Joe Show)

We hope you enjoy the film and if you are interested in screening "Dr Lava" as a live event, would like to provide comment or a review of the film, or would like any further information please contact Will Sadler by telephone: 0191 580 7000 or email: will@beaconhillarts.org.uk