THE Beacon Hill Arts BFI Film Academy!

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Our 2015/16 Film Academy is now complete - Find out more by visiting our project blog!

Beacon Hill Arts B.F.I Film Academy 2016/17

Subject to funding, the Beacon Hill Arts BFI Film Academies run between December and February each year and seek young people with learning disabilities, autism or additional needs who love films and want to develop their filmmaking talents.

  • Will you be aged 16-19 years old in December 2016?
  • Would you like to make and star in your own film?
  • Do you like films and telling stories?
  • Do you have lots of enthusiasm?

Experience is NOT necessary to apply to our Beacon Hill Arts Film Academy, and we are keen to welcome people of ALL abilities and needs.

Email or call 0191 580 7000, to find out more.

[Due to funding restrictions people who have already taken part in a Film Academy cannot reapply. Please check out our Viewfinder programme instead.]

I didn’t know anybody but I thought: ‘I have to be myself and try’, after all everybody was new just like me weren’t they. By the time the Film Academy finished I felt like I’d made loads of new friends, had loads of fun and had worked independently as part of the epic team of all time.
— Rowan – BFI Film Academy graduate
When I took him to the first session I remember meeting the staff and breathing a sigh of relief when I it became clear how much experience and understanding they had of working with people with disabilities and autism. When you’ve got that bit covered – well that’s when all the good things happen isn’t it.
— Louise, Rowan's Mother