Beacon Hill Arts BFI Film Academy

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Our 2016-17 BFI Film Academy is now underway! Subject to funding, our next BFI Film Academy will start in November 2017. If you will be aged between 16-19 years old in November 2017 and would like to be part of a filmmaking project please get in touch

In the meantime:

- You can take a look at last year's blog by clicking here
- Check out the links below to meet other young people we have worked with and take a look at our previous productions that have been shown all over the world!

I didn’t know anybody but I thought: ‘I have to be myself and try’, after all everybody was new just like me weren’t they? By the time the Film Academy finished I felt like I’d made loads of new friends, had loads of fun and had worked independently as part of the epic team of all time.
— Rowan – BFI Film Academy graduate
When I took him to the first session I remember meeting the staff and breathing a sigh of relief when it became clear how much experience and understanding they had of working with people with disabilities and autism. When you’ve got that bit covered – well that’s when all the good things happen isn’t it?
— Louise, Rowan's Mother