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In December 2017, Beacon Hill Arts CIC changed its name to Beacon Films CIC. We will continue using the name "Beacon Hill Arts" until  a formal re-brand which will take place in early Spring 2018. This is why we are currently "Beacon Films CIC trading as Beacon Hill Arts". More information will follow soon!

Since the end of 2016, Beacon Hill Arts has been having some very important conversations. We wanted to find out what our future goals should be and how we could achieve them. This involved talking with project members, parents, carers and supporters and our board. As part of this we held a planning day in November 2016. It was overseen by professional facilitator Jenny Young.

At the planning day we discussed:

  • The story of Beacon Hill Arts: The highlights, the challenges and what we have learnt.
  • Our mission statement and our vision: the reason we do what we do.
  • The role that project members wanted in the future of the organisation.

You can see the full notes from this day by clicking here.

At the time we had no office space of our own. At the planning day we came up with many exciting ideas about what an office space of our own could feel like and what project members would be doing there. We discovered that our project members were keen to deepen their involvement in the organisation through volunteering, gaining more vocational experiences and being part of a creative professional environment.

Two more planning session then took place with the Beacon Hill Arts board. Here, Jenny helped us to take the findings from the planning day and work out a plan to make them reality.

planning day1.jpg
  • In July 2017, we moved into our own office at Key House, West Jesmond, Newcastle. The building is fully accessible (including accessible bathroom with hoist) and is the home of other fantastic organisations that share the same values as we do, including Skills for People.
  • We successfully raised funding to be able to run a volunteer training programme, meaning we can develop and aim to embed some of the volunteering roles that were discussed at our planning day, working across a variety of areas. 
  • In July 2017 we held a further planning day which was attended by board members and five project members. We took all the learning to date and worked out what our priorities should be. We did this by creating an infographic which shows the pathway someone takes as they progress through our organisation. For each of the six stages of the pathway, we identified what we are doing now, what we'd like to do in the future and how these elements all link together.
  • You can see this infographic by clicking here

Will, our Development Director, took this away and wrote up a strategic plan. This will be finalised by the end of 2017 and we plan to start putting it into action from January 2018.

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