At the end of 2016, Beacon Hill Arts had some very important conversations. We wanted to find out what our future goals should be and how we could achieve them. This involved talking with project members, parents, carers and supporters and our board. As part of this we held a planning day in November 2016. You can see the full notes from this day by clicking here.

At the planning day we discussed:

  • The story of Beacon Hill Arts: The highlights, the challenges and what we have learnt.
  • Our mission statement and our vision: the reason we do what we do.
  • Our hopes for a new office space: the opportunities this could provide our project members.

As many of you know, currently BHA has no office space of its own (we share an office in Newcastle) and our main venue is 10 miles away at Linskill Centre in North Shields. At the planning day we came up with many exciting ideas about what an office space of our own could look and feel like (full details by following the link to the notes above). We discovered that our project members were keen to deepen their involvement in the organisation through volunteering, gaining more vocational experiences and being part of a creative professional environment.

We are therefore excited to announce that:

  • We will be moving into our own office at Key House, West Jesmond, Newcastle in early July 2017. The office isn't huge, but it will be big enough to support volunteering placements much more easily than at the moment! The building is fully accessible (including accessible bathroom with hoist) and is the home of other fantastic organisations that share the same values as we do, including Skills for People.
  • All workshop activity will gradually move into our new home. We are aiming to have all activity operating from Key House from September 2017 onward. This means that our office space and venue space will be only a few steps - rather than miles - apart! Hurray!
  • We will be hosting an open evening to celebrate the move into our new home in late September 2017. More details will follow nearer the time! 
  • And last but by no means least we are delighted to say we have successfully raised funding to be able to run a volunteer training programme, meaning we can develop and aim to embed some of the volunteering roles that were discussed at our planning day, working across a variety of areas. This will begin in September and more details will be made available soon!

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