Session 2 (B5)

Writing, editing, shooting, storyboarding and, mood reeling meant it was all in Session 2 of Block 5 – we even had some green screening for filming some scenes for an upcoming feature-length film.


Session 1 (B5)

Starting off Viewfinder Block 5 the group mapped out what they would like to do, see and learn over the course of the project.  They then started working on their ideas: from vampires and werewolves to a plush movie. A smaller group also created a short film about a Shakespearean actor turned clown.


Session 7 and 8 (B4)

In their final session of this Block of Viewfinder the group were immersed in a SFX Masterclass delivered by Laura Tallentire. Learning all about the techniques used to create wounds, cuts, bruises and other types of make-up needed in film and tv, you can see they had a terr(or)ific time!


Session 5 and 6 (B4)

Nearing the end of Viewfinder Block 4 the group have continued working through scriptwriting and storyboarding to eventually to bring their ideas to life on film.

In the last two sessions the participants have already begun filming some of their ideas: one group was working on a psychological horror called “Unworthy” and; another on an animation called “Street Dogz” inspired by the Masterclass in Session 2.


Session 1-4 (B4)

The film-makers of Viewfinder Block 4 have completed four sessions so far, with the group steaming ahead with developing their individual and collective ideas.

From sci-fi epics to dramatic soaps, the film-makers have been typing up scripts, sketching ideas and playing with animation – to name a few things! One particular project has drawn its inspiration from the Masterclass in Session 2 where Robin Webb took the group through the amazing and diverse world of animation.

In Session 4 a smaller group of the film-makers were also planning and filming a short advert for the Beacon Hill Arts Premiere night on Monday 17th October 2016. With pirates, wizards and everything in between it showcased the wonderful work so far of the film-makers involved in Viewfinder.

Session 7 (B3)

In Session 7 the filmmakers continued to work on their individual projects; ranging from a Donald Trump film, to a CV film. Some participants worked on developing characters whilst others filmed. Everyone worked together to help others reach their goals for that session. 

Session 6 (B3)

Session 6 was a Master Class, where director and script writer Bridget Deane visited the class to give insight into creating storylines that keep an audience enthralled. Bridget has written for shows such as Wife Swap, Emmerdale and Shameless. We watch a couple of her short films, including the ‘The Ball’; the filmmakers noticed how a simple storyline with complex emotions creates a captivating story.  The filmmakers then created their own short storylines, using three components: location, character and problem. The filmmakers shared their ideas with Bridget and the rest of the group. 

Session 5 (B3)

Session 5 saw the filmmakers working on individual projects; some working on a script for a werewolf film, others editing a CV film and footage about peoples favourite music. One filmmaker made masks ready for filming next session, while another started on initial planning for a soap opera episode. A larger group assisted a fellow filmmaker in capturing scenes for a film he has been working on for some time at home. 

Session 4 (B3)

Session 4 was a Master Class given by Magnus, a Cinematographer. Magnus demonstrated various methods of creating atmosphere using lights, lenses and shots. The filmmakers got a chance to experiment with the lights, creating both soft and harsh lighting. They also had a play with the differnet lenses and saw how this can alter the mood of a scene. The filmmakers watched a clip of Magnus's film, when it was paused they guessed what kind of shot was being used and why; for example, hand held to create a rawness. The filmmakers then got to see a tracking shot in action. 

Evaluation Session - 'Go Wild In Nature'

After putting out an open call for businesses interested in having a new video created, the group of  filmmakers were most excited by an offer from a company called 'Go Wild In Nature'. 'Go Wild in Nature' offer outdoor activity days to schools. 

During this week's session, the filmmakers and their parents evaluated the work that they had created in previous weeks.  Evaluation was split in to 3 catagories: pre-production, producation and post-production.  

Parents were able to see a rough cut of the final film for the first time, and a representative from 'Go Wild in Nature' spoke  in a interview with Will. 


Session 3 (B3)

Session 3 was a hive of activity with the filmmakers splitting off to work on many different projects. One group continued to edit the 'Go Wild In Nature' Film; others worked on filming and interviewing people about music. Another group worked on a new film about Donald Trump, gathering inspiration from Youtube clips; and another filmmaker continued to plan a film about vampires and werewolves.  

Session 2 (B3)

In Session 2 the filmmakers had a visit from Will. We discussed the different platforms from which film is shown (TV, cinema, on the internet), and how it comes to be shown from there. We also viewed a varity of vlogs, discussing why they are becoming so popular. Some of the filmmakers decided that they would like to make a vlog for Beacon Hill Arts. The participants then split in to two groups. One group focused on editing; they experimented with lots of different filters on one piece of footage. The second group filmed in an interview, asking questions about music.  

Block 3, Session 1

The filmmakers started the session by placing their names against different areas of the filmmaking process eg. camera work, directing or makeup. Where they placed their names determined how interested in that specific area they are. Then the filmmmakers split  in to two groups to each make a short film, based around the props they chose and a word given to them; 'lost' and 'found'. After filming the groups edited their short films and shared them with the other group. 

"I enjoyed this session, and got to play a good role as a policeman. I also got to edit and taught other people how to do it too." 

International Youth Film Festival Plasencia Encorto

One of our View Finder Project members, Issy, went all the way to Spain to the International Youth Film Festival Plasencia Encorto!! 

Here's what Issy reported back from the festival: 

Last night the festival started. There was an opening ceremony with musical performances and then we saw the first of the films. Dinner wasn’t until 9.30pm – they eat late in Spain! This morning we have seen more films – including our film the Princess and the Bodyguard. Lots of people have come up to me to say the film was great. Then we were asked to take part in a film interview for a project about why making films is important – I told them all about making our film. Before lunch (again a late lunch because they eat late in Spain!!!) we all went to a ceremony with the Mayor of Plasencia – he presented us all with Plasencia badges and then we had a look around the town hall. Finally we had lunch. Later this afternoon we go back for film workshops. Having great fun and getting to meet people from lots of different countries – i.e. Brazil, Austria, Russia, Ireland, Greece, Norway and lots from Spain.

Session 7 (B2)

The filmmakers were joined by the families and carers for an evaluation in Session 7. We began by looking over the six previous sessions; the filmmakers shared what they had been doing and the films they had created. Each session was represented by photographs on a timeline; filmmakers and guests added comments on post it notes. We then played a game, which involved the group working together to film a scene. After this we collectively thought about what 'independence' means, using these branches of definitions participants and parents again made comments on post it notes. 

Session 7 (B2)

Session 7 was a Master Class taught by Paddy. Paddy is a director, actor and teacher. He brought with him a wonderful collection of masks and other props including coats, hats and umbrellas. The group warmed up by playing a few games, the games involved working as a team and using expressive movements, as well as the props. Once the filmmakers were warmed up, Paddy chose individuals to perform to the rest of the group. Paddy directed them to play a character, based upon the mask they had chosen. It was amazing to see the filmmakers transform in to the character they were playing. 

Session 6 (B2)

In Session 6 some of the filmmakers worked on a film about a pirate having change of career! They made a story board, filmed and then cut together a quick edit for everyone to enjoy at the end of the session. Connor was busy editing his holiday film; he shared it with the group also! 

Photographs by Dean

Session 5 (B2)

In Session 5 the filmmakers create a short film about a wedding, where the bride had been taken hostage; as part of the 'Beautiful Life' series. James directed the film, giving the actors and film crew instruction. 

Session 4 (B2)

This session opened with the filmmakers watching a Beacon Hill film, 'Beautiful Life'; this film has many cliff hangers and the filmmakers wanted to a create a film in the same style. First the group came up with their own cliff hangers and then they took a vote on their favourite idea. Then a few of the filmmakers began working on a story board, ready for filming next week.

The other filmmakers used the green screen to make a short film about the incredible hulk growing and two other character shrinking. 

Photographs by Dean