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Lesson 3 – Upload to YouTube

If you don’t know how to upload your vlog, here is a video that will show you how.



Alternatively, the Oska Bright Film Festival have produced a handy guide called “Spotlight” which you can find here 

1.    Here is some information about YouTube.

a.    Most films are in “landscape” (the YouTube frame is set up this way)


b.    You can monetise (make money from) content in YouTube, as long as you created everything in the film that you have uploaded. Note: the amount of money you make is tiny unless you have millions of viewers!

c.     Interactions online with other YouTubers is a key way to grow audience

d.    You can embed subtitles into YouTube; and there is a built-in automatic subtitler that uses voice recognition to create closed captions.

2.    When you upload your film make sure you


a.    Check your privacy settings


b.    Decide whether you want comments on or off


c.     Remember to put keywords into the “tags” section. Keywords are words that describe your film and make it more likely it will appear in YouTube searches. For example, if your film was about your dentist, your keywords might include “dentist”, “teeth”, “gums”, “gnashers” etc

d.     Remember to describe your film in the “description”.

This guide is part of our "Inclusion in the Digital Revolution" project which is supported by the BFI Diversity Fund and Spirit of 2012 Trust