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Lesson 5 – Find an Audience

Share your film with who you want to see it.

1.    If you are on Facebook, Twitter or other social media you can share it with your friends through your account by copying the link into a post. Remember that if they share it, it may be seen by people you don’t know.

2.    You can create a Facebook page for the Vlog and invite your friends to “like” it. You can use your profile to manage the public page whilst at the same time keeping your profile private. Remember that (at the time of writing) you cannot turn comments “off” on Facebook pages.

3.    You might want to find Facebook pages that are similar to yours or are about similar interests and message them, asking them if they would share your video (you could offer to share theirs in return).

4.    If you’d rather your film was not public, you can mark it as “unlisted” in the video’s YouTube settings, which means that only people who have a link can see it, and it won’t appear on YouTube searches. Then you can send the link only to the people who you want to see it.

This guide is part of our "Inclusion in the Digital Revolution" project which is supported by the BFI Diversity Fund and Spirit of 2012 Trust