Beacon Hill Arts makes amazing, unique and attention grabbing films for people, companies and organisations.

Our talented individuals have a unique view of the world, which gives their work an edge and it is that edge that is exciting the clients we are working with. But don't just take our word for it....

"We had a ball working with Beacon Hill Arts to produce a film celebrating the Spirit of 2012’s second birthday. Having filmmakers with learning disabilities and autism leading the creative process gave the work a unique edge, and the finished product tells the world what we’re about in a fun way that embodies our values. Spirit proudly premiered the film at our celebration event at the House of Lords. We would thoroughly recommend the filmmakers of Beacon Hill Arts to any organisation wanting to create film and media with a difference. Their work has a spark that leaves impressions as memorable and entertaining as they are informative and awareness-raising."

Debbie Lye, Chief Executive, Spirit of 2012